Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A little housekeeping

A little housekeeping   :)
What started out as a blog about my Reiki practice and a way to share my passion about the wonderful healing art and relaxation techniques that is reiki, has now evolved into a quick way to share with my family and friends updates on my husband’s condition, treatment and progress.

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Because this blog is published in a public forum it is available for anyone to read, which is OK with me, more than OK actually, especially if someone going through something similar finds a sense of normality or comfort in what I write. Whether that maybe in regard to our families cancer journey or my reiki practice.
That being said, what I write here is unapologetically written from my perspective, about situations my family and I are facing or have faced, and there will be times that we have laughed and cried at things going on with us and around us appropriately and possibly inappropriately too. There will probably be views shared that a reader might not agree with, fortunately we are all different and that is what makes life so interesting, so I hope you come back and read some more. But I can assure you, no ill intent has ever been meant by anything I share here.

I once had a blogger colleague say that if you don't want to offend others; don't write, as you can't keep all of the people happy all of the time. Luckily that is not the purpose behind what I share, or why readers read. There is no agenda; political, personal or otherwise behind anything I write; just thoughts, feelings and information I would share with my friends and family about life in general, if we were able to catch up in person more regularly. For now there isn’t a lot of time to do that, so this is it, my way of keeping everyone that matters to Brendan, myself and my practice in the loop.

To all those that are supporting Brendan and I through this journey, thank you. And to those who read because of your interest in reiki or anything else shared, welcome and thank you too. 

Cal :)

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