Monday, 27 October 2014

Monday 27th Oct - Chemo #5 Day 1

For every crappy day that comes along, there's always hope that tomorrow will be better :)

It was a bit of a rough day for Bren today. After an 8:30am start with a precautionary scan on his heart, due to the possibility of the chemo treatments weakening the heart muscle, followed by blood taken to test his cell count, we then sat in Gloucester House from 10:30am to 5pm waiting for the infusion to start. First they couldn't start till a bed was secured, which happened at 2:30pm, and then the poor nurses rang and ran all over the hospital for the rest of the time looking for pumps, a pump is a piece of mandatory equipment for infusions and Brendan and two other patients required 2 each...chemo is not supposed to be administered without using them.

Believe it or not the lead up to, or anticipation of the infusion starting can sometimes feel worse for Bren then when it's actually underway. For that feeling to go on all day, was pretty crappy. By 6pm he was finally taken upstairs to a bed and the infusion was at last completely underway!

So today was a lesson in patience, and the multi-faith prayer room just off reception was well used in the end, to great effect, if only I had stopped in there earlier in the day! I am however still very grateful for the medical system we have, flaws and all, even after a day like today. If that's as bad as our journey gets, then we will have done very well indeed...I realise that is easy for me to say, I wasn't the one sitting there waiting to be hooked up to toxic medicine all day.

Bren was exhausted but resting by 7:30pm . I hated leaving him, but knew he was in good hands. :) I'm sure tomorrow will be a better day xx

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