Friday, 14 November 2014

Nov 14: Saturday 15th; Brendan's last Chemo !

We head off tomorrow so that Brendan can start his final Chemo on Monday. Six of Six! It's been a busy five months and it feels fantastic to have it almost all behind us. After this round of chemo we go back down to the city in another 4 weeks so all of the scans can be redone; with the results we hope giving him the all clear, at which point they will schedule the operation to remove the two small spots on his lungs. 

As Murphy's Law would have it, this is the only post chemo period that we have had to worry about Bren's temperature. If he gets a reading of 38 degrees, it's straight off to emergency, and the last couple of days have seen him wavering between 37.4 & 37.6 at times...yes, I've been a little anxious about that and every time he looks at me I stick the thermometer in his mouth. This morning his temp is back to normal. If we get down to Gloucester House on Monday and he maintains a temperature, they won’t allow the chemotherapy to go ahead. So if anyone out there can send a positive thought or prayer for chemo to go ahead for Brendan on Monday; under the perfect condition, with bed availability and an abundance of pumps for all, under grace and in a perfect way… we would be so grateful.

We are very much looking forward to no more Chemo on the road ahead!

Thank you everyone for your unending love & support

Cal, Brendan and kiddo's xx

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