Friday, 21 November 2014

Nov 2014; Friday 21 ~ Chemo is done and dusted

Wow it’s good to be home. This trip to the city although not the last we’ll take before Brendan is well again, was a little bit special in a couple of ways.  Mainly because it was his last round of chemo, woohoo…yes I have been doing a happy dance all week! Before the week of chemo had even begun we caught up with Brendan’s brother and our sister in-law to be in Sydney, on the Sunday afternoon. They haven’t been home in maybe a year and it was the first time they had seen Brendan since he became sick, so it was quite emotional for all of us.  Then on the last day of chemo my cousin Trace came to visit, we also haven’t seen each other in almost a year and again it was very emotional.

off to dinner after 4 days of chemo infusion

During the week Brendan also got to meet his thoracic surgeon  Dr Tristan, a Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery [I can’t remember Tristan's surname, so I’ll share it another time] when Bren was telling me about Dr Tristan he marveled at the fact that he looked like he was about 14, so I guess he was possibly in his late thirties. The dedication these amazing people have to do what they do, and at such a young age, continues to floor me.

It looks as though the lung surgery will take place some time between the 8th and the 18th of December; if it can be coordinated with Brendan’s need to recover from this round of chemo and Tristan’s holiday trip to Milan. We have all our fingers and toes crossed as we have been told by those in the know that Tristan is the best there is, and we want him! Brendan will lose the lower lobe of his right lung, which is a little more than I had imagined however we have been assured that the loss will have no ill affect, and his lungs will continue to function normally. The operation will be performed through keyhole surgery. All going well with locking in a surgery date, our Christmas present will be a cancer free Brendan!

It was all happening this round, as Dr Stalley [Bren's orthopedic surgeon] also popped in for a visit to check his leg and to answer a few of the questions that he wanted some clarity on. As is usual so did Dr Viv [Bhadri] Brendan's oncologist, who was very surprised that Dr Stalley had called in in person, his schedule is usually very tight and he is very difficult to pin down, Viv told Brendan that he must be quite special, as it seems that the big man [my words not Dr Bhadris] doesn't usually do bedside visits,  his registrar will mostly do that for him.  By the way it’s only fair to say at this point that I have a bit of a crush on Dr Viv, I think he is probably one of the kindest most gracious, caring, calm and patient men I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with. It may also be because he is saving my husbands life, I'm guessing that I will always have a special place in my heart just for him.

And lastly I have to say that Brendan’s room, and more to the point his room mates were a much more peaceful bunch this time around, the farewells as we left the men in bed's 53, 54 and 56 to continue on with their fight as we moved forward with ours were tinged with just a little bit of sadness. May we meet again under kinder circumstances.

After Brendan was discharged not only did he walk out of the hospital unaided [although on crutches] after a 4 day infusion, we also walked almost a block from the Ibis where we stayed the night, to the pub on the corner for dinner! Yes my husbands a legend!

Chemo is done and dusted!

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