Monday, 10 November 2014

Oct 11 /2014 - My husband has no eyebrows

My husband has lost his eyebrows! And that's OK because the good news here is that they will grow back. The irony is that the closer he gets to finishing up with his treatment the more he looks like a cancer patient. In the beginning, he was often mistaken for someone with a broken leg; even when he lost all of his hair, and when well meaning strangers asked how he broke it, you could see the anguish they felt at their assumption when Brendan told them it was cancer.

"warning nudity" :)

Now that his eyebrows have almost completely fallen out he does slightly resemble someone who has been incredibly sick with cancer for the past five, almost six months. Thankfully other than the “horrendous” week that he receives his chemo (the last one starts on Monday); he is now feeling much better than he looks, due to the loss of said eyebrows, most of the time.

This has gotten me to thinking, how amazing are our body’s? I know I have talked about this before, but as I watched Brendan going through his exercises to strengthen his leg yesterday, I couldn't help but be blown away by the human body, my husbands in particular.

Barely eight weeks ago Brendan had his leg cut open from almost the top of his thigh to the bottom of his knee, following three rounds of chemotherapy to help cure his cancer. The operation severing I imagine nerves, tendons and muscle. The tumor was removed and the amazing doctor and his incredible team replaced most of his femur and his knee with a titanium prosthesis. His leg was then stitched back together after everything was reattached, tendons, muscle, knee cap, ect.

Since then Brendan; in incredible pain and undergoing two more rounds of chemo post operation, plus another one coming up next week, has been teaching his leg to work again by developing new pathways from his brain to all those severed and reattached parts of his body. Along with doing the physical exercises required to strengthen and regain flexibility in his leg while dealing with the adverse affects of the chemotherapy.

As all of this is going on his body has kicked its innate self-healing capabilities in to gear; and is regenerating and rebuilding itself cell by cell. The ability for his body to do this has been supported by the medical advancements in both the chemotherapy medicine that is killing the remaining cancer cells and everything else in its path, his brilliant oncologist and his team and the operation that removed the cancer and replaced the diseased bone, along with the natural therapies used such as Reiki and massage to induce a state of deep relaxation, the optimum condition for the bodies healing processes to take place.

So here he was yesterday lifting and bending his leg, albeit with no eyebrows for the moment, almost able to load bear on it while using his crutches. It won’t be too long now before we can remove the shower chair from the shower because he will be able to stand unaided in it! Mind you I have quite enjoyed having the shower chair in there.

Yes, without a doubt our bodies are amazing, my husband proves that everyday and is inspiring me to cherish and protect mine. But without his strength of spirit and the determination of mind that he has shown throughout this ordeal, his recovery and recuperation to this point would have been far more limited.

I am in awe of what we can do when we use our mind, body and spirit in unison. Bravely demonstrated by my husband over the last 5 months or more, as he has allowed me a glimpse of his inner teamwork in action and used to perfection. The results of which I think are nothing short of miraculous.