Friday, 12 December 2014

Blessings at Christmas ~ Thank you

Brendan's cancer treatment is now complete, and we are so grateful to be moving toward the recovery, rest and recuperation phase. We have been given the most incredible gift this Christmas. The gift of life. Ironically that is what Christmas is all about. And we are incredibly grateful to everyone involved.

This is our Merriest ever Christmas!

We have been blessed along the way with the most amazing medical team, who were assembled to work on Brendan's wellness. Along with Professor Yan,  a Professor of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery at the Macquarie University Hospital and Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Sydney and the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Sydney's RPA, the team included Bren's equally amazing orthopaedic surgeon, Director of the Orthopaedic Department at RPA, Dr Paul Stalley, and my all time favourite person, his awesomely amazing oncologist, a paediatric and adolescent oncologist and Clinical Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney Dr Vivek Bhadri.
Also a big thank you goes out to the doctors coordinators Kristyn, Claire and Sue for helping us to navigate the last 6 months of appointments, chemotherapy sessions and operations. Without your help we would have been lost. Behind every great man in this case was a great woman keeping him and his patients organised. The logistics of coordinating the schedules for these three doctors for one patient, was a mammoth undertaking. Factoring in their other patients, and I would imagine their commitments to Universities ect, I don't know how they had time to do anything...but they did, all of them, and did so with grace and compassion. 

That we ended up with these three incredible men and their teams looking after Brendan is nothing short of a miracle, and proof of the truth behind the old adage "ask and ye shall receive" because I asked...and  I asked many, many times, along with many others I'm sure,  and we received.

Below is an excerpt from a prayer I have personalised and shared with others,  that I regularly used during remote reiki treatments around Brendan's situation, to ask for the best medical treatment and outcome available...

"Please protect him completely and guide Brendan & the wonderful physicians & healthcare professionals who surround him to clearly take each step needed to enhance Brendan's health and well-being. Please surround Brendan with loving, gentle and supportive people and situations."

This prayer or positive affirmation was my saving grace many times over, I would sit in the non-denominational prayer room at RPA and recite it, along with many other affirmations. I also  wrote them down and placed them in the prayer box so that others could kindly say them on my behalf. I asked, and I asked, and I asked some more.

The trick really was simply remembering to ask! And knowing I could ask more than once. I always add "under grace and in a perfect way" at the end of each affirmation used, so that when I do receive I do so at the cost of nobody else. So, I wish to thank all those who watch over us from above, who have held us up and carried us when standing on our own was difficult. And who when I asked, made sure I received. Thank you!

Of course there were also all of the earth angels that we call nurses, most seeing their work as a calling and not a job :) Thank you!

Lastly, but most importantly I would like to thank you ‪#‎teambrendanm, it is amazing the impact that collective positive thoughts, prayers, unconditional love and kindness can have on a persons health and well-being! Brendan is living proof of that.

Thank You and bless you all!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy and Peaceful  Christmas. 
I hope all of your dreams for 2015 come true.

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