Thursday, 25 December 2014

Dec 2014; 24th: Brendan....a word of thanks

The following post has been written by My Husband Brendan. As challenging as the last part of 2014 was for me at times, it was he who was fighting the battle for his life. What follows are his words of gratitude, and there was no better time to share them than Christmas eve. I love you babe xx
The end of a great Christmas Day,
Our greatest gift was Brendan being here with us

A Word Of Thanks

Well it looks like we are approaching the end of what has been a rather turbulent year and while I never doubted we would get to here, there definitely were a couple of moments when a deep breath was taken followed by the voice in my head saying a big “Fucken Hell”.

These deep breath moments have now come and gone but it wasn’t without the help of a “handful” of people who liked to call themselves ‪#‎teambrendanm‬ . The love, kindness, support, prayers, good wishes, gifts, help and financial assistance given by everyone on my team enable myself & Callie to carry on through the tough times and not have to worry too much about anything else except getting me better and for that I will be forever grateful. You have no idea. You all definitely lifted us up during those times when we were feeling down.
Having said that it’s now time for some special thanks:
Firstly, my family, both immediate & extended. This includes the Maddalena’s, the Saunders, and ALL the Pitman’s. Extra special mention goes to Debbie Maddalena-Saunders & Sue Pitman, who were always there for Callie during the tough times.
My mum who took on most of the load as far as looking after the kids is concerned whilst we w ere away in Sydney getting treatment and my Dad who had to fend for himself while mum was with the kids.
My sister Elizabeth Maloney, who never failed to visit while I was in treatment, and of course Micheal Pitman, the lawnmower man.
@Katie Marteene who proved she is a great friend repeatedly.
Meegan Malouf who despite her own battles, went out of her way for me numerous times. And was a source of inspiration a number of times.
The entire cast & crew from Edstein Creative Stone, whose assistance has more or less kept food on our table throughout. My work mates have all made sacrifices for my benefit, speechless. Nigel Ferguson, absolute champion.
Can Assist Manning Valley Branch, financial assistance. These ladies do a great thing for our community.
Tracy Sewell & Richard Sewell, they’ll know why.
My close neighbours, once again they’ll now why
A few really good friends who never let too long pass before checking in on me to see how I was tracking: Kayne Tisdell, Dave & Frances Mudford, Dicko & Brent.
The Gold Coast branch of the “F#@!k Cancer” association. Who provided some inspirational gifts for me right when I needed them. Thanks Sally McRobert & Paul McRobert
Before I wrap this up I must of course say thank you to my beautiful wife Callie Maddalena-Maloney, who never once doubted the outcome, braved the city driving when I no longer could, sat by my side every day, fetched me food when I could no longer stomach what the hospital provided, nursed me at home, the list goes on. Love you more than my cars……
Then of course there is my twins Tyra & Baden, I’d do it all again just for the hugs that I received each time I got home from treatment. This pair & their mother are my world & I would do anything for them. Yep, love you more than my cars.
Finally I would now like to wish one and all a very Merry Christmas & a cracking New Year. Catch up with you all shortly.

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