Thursday, 25 December 2014

December 2014; 26th...sad goodbyes and wonderful memories

It was on Brendan and my second last visit to Sydney just a few weeks ago, when we were given the best possible news; that Brendan was clear of cancer, that I also received the worst possible news. My aunty Jill, a woman that had loved and looked out for me all my life, had just been diagnosed with a very aggressive form of inoperable lung cancer. Trace; her daughter and more of a sister to my sisters and I than a cousin, had let me know, and it was devastating. 

Our last visit was full of reminiscing & laughter xx 

When we were very little growing up at Crowdy; our Aunty Jill, Uncle Brian and baby cousins Trace and Scotty lived next door, until they moved all the way across to the other side of Crowdy. Yep, about a block away! So it is an understatement to say that we grew up very close. And Jill was a big part of our lives. From when I was the flowergirl at her wedding to when she moved down to Woolongong some years back to live closer to Trace, Dale and her little grandsons. Which was wonderful for her.

In between that time, over the years I had both lived in the granny-flat on Jill's acreage at Harrington with Trace and then later in the flat above her in Taree with Brendan. So we have many happy and funny memories shared together, and it is safe to say that Jilly has written beautifully, many times, on the pages of my life and I will miss her.

It's also safe to say when Trace and I lived in her granny-flat, that we probably ate at the house more often than we did at our place, but we did always wash up. When I moved into the flat upstairs from her in town, and Bren joined me not long after, there was always a place at her table for us, especially when a baked dinner was cooked.

She never complained about us making a noise upstairs, although she did let me know that I wasn't a light foot when stomping around up there. And she did once suggest that I might consider putting cups under the wheels on our bed, or just take the wheels off as it was a bit noisy when the bed rolled around on the wooden floor, being that her bedroom was right underneath ours! Yes she had a cheeky sense of humour, she told us however it wasn't nearly as noisy as the farts Brendan did when he got into the bath...yep I miss her.

I know Sue, Deb and I will always and forever be grateful that we got to visit Jill one last time in hospital, and that she, although in a lot of pain was able to enjoy the visit and reminisce with us, it is something that I will always treasure.

Although, like most of us;  Jill's life wasn't always easy,  it was however a good, honest, kind and loving life. She was loved by many, including me and she will always be remembered.

We lost our Aunty Jill on the 23rd of December, and yep we'll miss her.

So I won't say goodbye, I know she'll never really be far away.

I'll just say see ya Jilly, may all your days be happy and peaceful now. 

Say hello to the crew up there for us, we'll see you all again some day xx

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