Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Crowdy Head ~ Where have all the cottages gone?

What's on my mind today? After a visit to my Mum & Dads... my childhood home, Crowdy Head is!

One of the most wonderful things about going home; to your childhood home is a sense of familiarity. I go to my mum and dads and if I close my eyes I could be 10 again, 15 or 20. The house, although having undergone a few minor changes inside over the years to open it up into a more breezy open plan living, with the addition of a small deck at the back, is essentially  the same quaint little vintage fishing cottage I grew up in. Sadly however, it is I think one of the last cottages standing. So it is where the familiarity of Crowdy ends for me.

this is the oldest photo of Crowdy I have, it would be early 80's
and the cottages were already disappearing :(

Crowdy Head, although still boasting two beautiful beaches, the main one hugged gently by the mountains, is now heaving under the heavy bulkiness of progress. Oh the shame and indignity this stoic headland must feel at being ravaged by the new double story, five bedrooms, two to three car garage monstrosities of glass, steel and cement render.  These new kids on the block have replaced all the little cottages that once proudly dotted the headland. In different shades of pastel, they were the jewels in the crown of Crowdy headland, that took pride in enhancing her beauty and not detracting from it. I think it was probably in the 80’s or maybe the 90's that the cottages started to disappear one by one as slowly the locals left to find more fertile waters. But it seems like it has only been the last five or ten years that the remaining original cottages have been erased almost completely, to be superseded by the new “ Houstrosity”!

For me, having been lucky enough to grow up there, and yet now as an adult not getting home nearly as often as I would like, the change is confronting and is a little sadder each time I see another cottage pulled down to be replaced.
Maybe my heart would not break so much, as I drive up the street to my parents home if these enormous houses were filled with the laughter and future promise that comes with small children, who would all get to have the pleasure of growing up in paradise just like I and all the other Crowdy kids did. But no, I don’t think this is the case, as last year saw the close of the little school on the hill with the best view in the land.

I asked my Mum and Dad today how they felt about entirely losing their view of the bay and the mountains, a view that they have had the pleasure of looking at for the last 50 years; from the front and back veranda, the second bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen, as out of the the broken footings of another little cottage rises Crowdy’s latest houstrosity, right next door. My mum simply said, “well we have enjoyed it for a very long time so I guess it’s someone else’s turn now”. Then she said with a smile, “your father and I think good neighbours are a far better thing to have than a good view.”  As one of the wisest women I know, I think she is probably right. I just hope my parents new neighbours know just how lucky they are!

PS: I'm truly not against big homes and really do believe that we all deserve our hearts desire, however I also believe that my hearts desire should never come at the expense of anyone else's. 

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