Wednesday, 14 January 2015

January 15: Tuesday 14th: Our Prankster Professor

Thoracic check-up....
I thought that down and back to Sydney in a day was going to be a nightmare, but as it turns out it was a piece of cake, because today we reached another milestone...Brendan was actually behind the wheel again, on the open road! Wind in his hair and birds singing [metaphorically].... it was pretty awesome after a very long seven months of not driving, for him. Or at least I thought it was awesome he just took it in his stride as usual; my husband practices equanimity without even trying!

apologies for bad resolution pic, but we didn't have time to take photos today, so I got this one last minute on the couch to add to post :)

We pulled into the Lifehouse car park at 10:50 am for our 11 o'clock appointment, giving us 10 minutes to go to the loo and get to Professor Yan's rooms, which were only about a block away. We couldn't rush if we wanted to and as it turned out we had plenty of time as the doctors appointments weren't running to schedule. Luckily we were in no hurry and were very relaxed, as this was merely a check up. After a very long and hot month since his lung surgery, Brendan was just banking on being told that he could finally go swimming again.

Professor Yan called us in and sat us down. He seems to be a very gentle, kind natured man and is very unassuming. I think I have mentioned this before. And he like Dr Bhadri, has beautiful skin which makes him look much younger than his years, or it just may be his inner glow, but there is something very special about him, the very same something that Dr Bhadri has also. 

He took the X-ray from me and flicked it expertly up on to the light box, turned to Brendan and said "Perfect X-Ray".  Brendan and I had smiles as wide as the harbour bridge; it was exactly what we were expecting. 
The smile then left Dr Yans face as he looked down at the paperwork in front of him, saying "ahh, we have pathology results too!" My heart sank as I'm sure did Brendan’s, we weren't prepared for pathology results, we had just assumed everything cancer related was gone and done. It felt like forever as Dr Yan shuffled through his papers, searching until he was holding the results. He took a moment to read them, looked up at Brendan and said " all Margins from where the two sarcomas in your lungs were removed are unequivocally clear!" he took a short pause and then said "I don't know what else to say. That is good news! That is a long way to come for that [meaning the briefness of the the consult] but Happy 2015!" and then he repeated what he had said the day after the operation four weeks before. "Now you just forget about it!"

He took a moment to give direction into a small recorder regarding all results, to be typed out and sent off to Dr Bahdri, the details of which were far more complex than you would assume by looking at Brendan sitting there all tanned and well; but for his bald head and many scars, few would guess what he had been through. Dr Yan then asked if we had seen Claire yet, his thoracic consultant, saying she would like to say hello.

Claire was in the room next door; Dr Yan knocked and let us in. Before closing the door he said to her, very briefly and seriously, "You'll have to bag Brendan's wound!" Looking at Brendan and I with a twinkle in his eye and a smile he shut the door quickly. Claire looked concerned, then scrubbed and gloved up, and came over to Bren and said in her beautiful English accent, "give me a look Brendan," with compassion on her face and in her voice. Bren and I were a bit bemused as Dr Yan had looked at the wound and it was perfectly healed.

She lifted Bren's shirt to reveal the perfectly healed scar and said almost laughing "that bugger! There's nothing wrong with it, Brendan I thought it had dehiscenced (opened up)."  We all had a bit of a laugh as Brendan told her that Tristan had just checked it, and it was fine. I told Claire I thought the doctor was a bit cheeky and we laughed again. Claire gave us both a big hug and we were done. We have met with Claire only a few times, yet she feels like an old friend, we are blessed to have shared time with the most amazing people throughout Brendan's cancer journey, people that we would otherwise have never crossed paths with. An amazing and unexpected highlight to an incredibly difficult time, that I am very grateful for.

I thought to myself and said to Bren as we were leaving, how lucky are we; we're the ones the doctor gets to have a bit of fun with....not all the news he shared with his patients today or this week for that matter would have left them with smiles on their faces and him feeling like he could have a joke with them.  How lucky are we. 

Consult done we made our way back to the car and headed for home stopping only for a quick bite of lunch, to deliver a car part and to swap drivers when one of us needed to have a break...easy peasy! Nothing like a quick 11.5 hour round trip for a 15 minute appointment when the news delivered is good and given in such a jovial manner.

Life's Good!

Cal xx

PS: Last but not least, a big thank you to Ali, Barb, Si & Azura for letting us drop Tyz and Bades at their house at 6 am this morning and leave them there until 5:30 pm this arvo, they had a fantastic guys are awesome!

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