Saturday, 7 March 2015

Friday 6th: March 2015 ... bloody lumps and bumps

We knew this trip to Sydney wasn't going to be the easiest one we've embarked upon, as we head down for Brendan's 3 month check-up. Quiet honestly we look forward to one that is going to be fun. Brendan has been in chronic pain for the last two weeks from the new lump/haematoma /cyst /yet to be confirmed complication and interruption to his recovery process, on his leg. With me feeling fluey;  and suffering from a really bad week of sleep that makes me feel like crap as we head of down the road, it's hard to complain when the person sitting next to you is in a continual world of pain, so I don't. I just drive. We are a joy to behold; the pair of us. I take heart in the fact that this too shall pass.

It was a relatively good trip down; all things considered, but the next two days would throw in some small and slightly larger inconveniences that would test our patience and then some. We got to our hotel and the entrance was unusable due to a sink hole you could lose your car in, fortunately this hurdle was no hurdle and just required a u-turn and a new approach. Got into reception and their system was down, this meant a painful delay getting into our room for Brendan ...luckily the staff have come to know us well and put us into a room, allowing us to fix up the paperwork later.

The next day was an early start of CT scans and chest x-rays, followed by some late breakfast prior to the team meeting with Dr Bhadri [Bren's Oncologist]and Kristyn; along with Dr Stalley [Bren's Orthopaedic Surgeon], DR Stalley's two young doctors and Sue, and yes you can imagine the logistics it took to get the eight of us in one consultation room at one time.

While waiting for Dr Stalley and his entourage to arrive Dr Bhadhri and Kristyn chatted with us and we congratulated Kristyn on her new look. She would be leaving Dr Bhadri for some time as she was bringing a beautiful new little soul into the world very soon; quite a surprise from the last time we saw her. He will miss her enormously as she is exceptional at what she does. I am sure this crosses over into all aspects of her life.

The conversation soon turned to Brendan's wellness; and it was now that Dr Bhadri mentioned that they had reason to be concerned about what might be going on with the lump that has come up in his leg. "Shit!" was all I could say and I couldn't contain my tears, nor could I look at Brendan who as always took this news in his stride as Dr Bhadri explained that whatever was going on...something could be done.

Dr Stalley arrived soon after and there was more general conversation and a going over of Bren's notes, he came over and grabbed Brens leg; and the pain had him [Brendan, not Dr Stalley] almost jump through the roof as he let out the "F" word quite audibly. Dr Stalley stepped back and then spoke into his small recorder in regard to what needed to be done from his always amazes me that they do this in front of us, but I guess it's to make sure everything is fresh in the memory with so much going on, and then he and his two young doctors left.

An MRI was ordered which couldn't be done at RPA as their machine was out of service, so we had to be sent to Alfred Imaging at Campsie and Sue would go over and pick up the film that afternoon so that the results would be available asap. Dr Bhadri said that if need be we would have to get Brendan in and seen to by Dr Stalley this coming week, Sue replied that they had nothing available this week; Dr Bhadri said in his usual quiet, kind manner "Well you'll have to find something" and that was where that conversation ended for the time being. [Have I mentioned how much I love Dr Bhadri]

We said our goodbyes to Dr Bhadri and Kristyn and headed to Campsie for the MRI, the trip over only took about 30 minutes if that; the trip getting out of the City from there at 3:30 in the afternoon however was a nightmare and took almost three hours to get to the F1, at one stage taking about 45 minutes to move 4 km's, by the time we pulled into the service centre off the freeway at Newcastle Bren was in excruciating pain, to the point of tears, and pain relief was having little effect...quite honestly; it had been a long day that had started at 6:30 am, we were both at breaking point and by the time we pulled into our driveway at 10:30 pm we were done...over this whole journey! What else have we got to learn...really! And yes I know, this too shall pass.

Our patience and ability to remain positive has been well tested again as the journey continues; but we do, so we will pull on our big girl and big boy pants and get on with it!

Amazingly at every hurdle there was someone there bending over backwards to find a solution and for that I am very grateful. We have so many people working with us to try and make a terrible situation better, and although it often doesn't feel like it; in the midst of chaos, calm can be found.

Stay tuned for more as we go into lump removal mode again,  ....and get this whatever it is gone!

We would like to say thank you in advance, as we gratefully accept all the positive energy #teambrendanm has to offer ... once again.

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