Friday, 27 March 2015

Saturday 28th: March 2015... a new adventure begins on Tuesday.

It's the weekend before the operation, and other than Brendan spending much of the time in excruciating pain between meds, it's a weekend just like any other. The kids have been out playing with friends all day and are looking forward to spending next week, including Easter with the Saunders Mob.

Yesterday we had a meeting with the A-Team [well that's what I call them] at Lifehouse; Dr Bahdri, Kristyn, Dr Stalley, Dr Panos and Sue. The Radiologist; whose name has left me completely for the moment, was also there and she seemed lovely. It was a meeting that instilled confidence in both Brendan and I in the choice that we have made moving forward. It was also a meeting full of compassion shown by all; but especially doctors Bahdri and Stalley, who I know have had to sit down with others in the same or similar circumstance far too many times before. And there was a waiting room full of people for them to see after we left.

So next week will see a whole new world open up to us, as we are introduced to many new people that will help Bren adjust to life as an amputee. Yesterday as he filled out the paper work at pre admissions and had to write the answer to the "What are you having done?" question, set the reality wheels in motion. I wondered as he filled in the answer: "Right leg amputation due to cancer related disease," had the administrators; who set the forms out, ever wondered what that might feel like for a patient to write those words down?

No one sits with you as these forms are filled in, that I guess would be costly. One man, at one stage threw his face in his hands, and let out an almighty roar. The lady sitting next to him with her husband and I were both ready to comfort him until we realised that he was laughing at one of the questions he had to answer. I found myself thinking; "we want the form he's filling out!"

So Tuesday is the day, and we are as ready as you can be for something that I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be helping to prepare my husband for. This is all made more bearable knowing that our family; friends and a whole community; #teambrendanm stand beside us.

It won’t be long until we are out and about; going about our business, among you all again and I can't wait. I know how strange it may feel to see Brendan, especially for the first time, without his leg; and you may feel awkward, and so might we. With none of us knowing what to say or do. And that's OK.

These are the things that may come the easiest if words are hard to find; a smile, a wave, to shake hands where possible, a pat on the back, a hug. Whatever feels comfortable at the time and a "it's good to see ya out an about mate" is perfect....if it's talk like a pirate day, you have to say that with a pirates accent though, because talk like a pirate day has always been one of our favourites.

And in the wise words of Toby Marteene, one of Brendan’s littlest mates..."Brendan still has his head and his heart so he is still the same cool Brendan he always was."

And that my amazing friends is the simple truth. Thank you Toby for expressing it so perfectly xx

We are again on the road to wellness, look out RPA, here we come!


  1. Cal I didn't know the cancer had returned until I read this blog. But it's just a leg. Brendan has another one. He has a huge heart, a wise head, fabulous spirit, a disgustingly gorgeous wife who never ages, a wonderfully supportive family and so many friends it's mind-boggling. Needless to say, you are ALL in my prayers and I'm sure Shirley is looking down and cheering for the good guys. All my love Cal. xoxox

  2. Thank you Mon, we are feeling so loved , supported and uplifted by all of you and those special ones looking down from above ... we are as ready as we are ever going to be to take on round two and move forward :) our love right back at you lovely lady xx