Saturday, 25 April 2015

Saturday 25th, April 2015: A Great day... but no shark bite!

Photography: Teagan Eggins
Anzac Day is one of my little family’s most important annual celebrations. We; like all Australians hold a special place in our hearts for the diggers, past and present, that fought and continue to fight for our freedom and that of those who need them.

So there was no way Brendan was going to miss the Dawn Service, or watching his children march and take part in our local Midday Service.
If he was anxious about getting from the car to the hall in the dark on crutches to wait for the dawn service to start, it didn’t show. But I was; I knew there would be much to navigate this morning and I had forgotten to say “just for today I will not worry.”

We made our way over to take our place among the large crowd that had gathered for the 100 year anniversary and the first to come up and say hello were Gary and Kerryn, Gary was the Lieutenant when Brendan was in cadets in high school and we see this lovely couple at the Dawn Service every year. Gary came over and shook Brendan by the hand with a wide grin on his face saying “I knew you’d be here, only a cement truck would have kept you away!” and they laughed. Gary & Kerryn know the path Brendan and I are on well.

My sister Sue and niece Teagz arrived at our place at about 11:30am, I was so grateful that they were coming as I didn’t know how I was going to support the kids today and Bren too, this was the biggest crowd he had been out in since his operation and he was only a couple of days post chemo, again he wasn’t fazed that’s my job. So as Teagz and I followed the march from start to finish taking photos, Sue and Bren followed at their own pace. My sister Deb, her husband Andy and Brens Mum and Dad were all there too. So the family were out in force.  I was able to relax.

This would be Tyra and Baden’s last Anzac Day celebration with Old Bar Public school, and as School Leaders on this momentous 100 year anniversary they made their Dad and I extremely proud when they, in turn, took their place at the podium to speak. It was a wonderful day.
Our friends and local community were very happy to see Brendan out and about and made sure he knew it, and he was glad to be there. But I have to tell you about the funniest and most unexpected thing that happened all day.

We were standing at the start of the march as the procession was preparing to start; when the cutest little blonde haired boy came up and stood square in front of Bren. He tipped his head slightly to the side, screwed his nose up as he squinted into the sun and said bluntly “what happened there?” there was a brief; silent pause as Sue, Teagz and I looked at Bren waiting for his response. He looked at the little fella; who was probably all of 7 or 8, and kindly said. “A big lump grew on my leg which made it sick and it had to be taken off!” the little boy looked a little disappointed and said quite matter of fact “Oh! I thought a shark bit it!” we said “we like your story better!” and off he went without another word! There was lots of laughter from all of us.

And that is why I always say we learn more from kids than we could possibly ever teach them.
If you want to know something…just ask! :)

P:S I finished the above blog and walked out into the kitchen to see my husband out on the back veranda skipping, and yes for those who know him …he did try for some double unders! He put the skipping rope down and said “geez I’m outta nick!” I said “you've got one leg and have just finished chemo, your goin’ ok.”

Now I better pull my joggers on and go for a walk!

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