Friday, 17 April 2015

Friday 17th; April 2015 ~ Clear Margins

Today we had a 15 minute appointment with Brendans surgeon Dr Stalley in Sydney, the 5 hour trip [with coffee breaks] down on Thursday arvo and then home again today was worth while. Both Paul and Registrar Dr Panos; whose first name I don't know but must find out, were very happy with Bren's progress in healing from the operation and his management of the circumstance created from the loss of his leg.

Dr Panos was first to look at the wound today, "perfect" he said this time, and then looked at Brendan and said with a smile "that's what we expect from you" they have also come to expect Brendan's no bullshit, positive attitude too and quite like it I suspect.  Paul came in next and had his look, was happy with what he saw and shared Brendan's results thus far with us. He then dictated his findings into his small recorder, to be passed on to Dr Viv as he left the room, he quickly popped his head back around the door and said "see ya!" Before heading off to another room for his next appointment. Sue finished up the consult and we were good to go.

Paul mentioned during the appointment that he is often asked how he can remove peoples limbs for a living; he looked at Brendan and are the perfect example of why I can do what I do. Everyone agreed that it is quite amazing that it is not only possible to experience far less pain after an operation that removes your leg than what was felt prior, but that you can actually look better too. It was also pretty clear that it was unanimously thought that Brendan's ability to carry on with a great attitude most of the time is more than half the battle.

Post operation all Margins are clear...that is a massive relief and very good news, now it's a case of getting through the three up-coming rounds of Chemo with the aim to get and keep Bren cancer free again.

We are home tonight, exhausted and ready for a tiny bit of down time before heading back Sunday arvo for Chemo to start bright and early Monday morning.

Nothing made me smile more today though than driving into our drive way to see our two kiddos with EJ, Ryan, Zara, Will, Abby and Jessy all laughing and yelling on our front lawn; with scooters, skateboards and helmets scattered all around. I love that when we go away, whether the kids are here with Nan or at Aunty Debs, they are surrounded by their mates, loads of fun and lots of laughter.

Life's good :)

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