Thursday, 14 May 2015

Life and the City

Life and the City by Carolyn Maddalena-Maloney | Make Your Own Book

Photo Credits:  Me :)

Above is a preview of a coffee table book that I made for Brendan's and My Parents.

It is basically a 44 page book of photos I took over a six month period from when Brendan and I where in Sydney for his treatment at that time.

We  didn't add a profit margin because the book was produced with family in mind and was already expensive. (The cost of the book covers production only.) It wasn't put together to sell publicly... If you have followed the link to the blurb purchase page you will find that anyone can purchase the book; we made it public on the blurb settings to make it easy for our immediate family and friends to grab a copy ... :)

We have absolutely nothing to do with the ordering or distribution process, it is all done through blurb.... please know that there are no profits from any sales; the purchase price also all goes to blurb... :)

If you have had a peak I hope you enjoyed the preview pages.

When I completed this book in December of 2014; Brendan had been cleared of all cancer cells in his body. Unfortunately by the time he went back to his medical team  for the first  three month check up; the cancer had returned.

It is now our reminder that he has beaten this disease once, so he can do it again.

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