Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Filling in Time ~ Waiting to get Results

Tomorrow we head down to Sydney for the results of Brendan's last round of chemo...what could be considered a tense time for my husband and it probably has been, didn't slow him down. He filled his week in by replacing the starter motor in my car, then went on to remove the muffler, repair it and put it back on the car.

We've spent time shopping together, he has jumped on the trampoline with the kids, cleaned the garage, sold some wheels and had a hopping/running race with our 5 year old nephew which was closely followed by a dance off. Yes it was break dancing and they did end up spinning on their backs on the floor.

But my absolute highlight came when my husband took me and our two kiddos out to Forster (I drove :) )to celebrate my 50th with a birthday dinner at our fave Mexican restaurant. Before heading to the restaurant we went to the ocean pool for a swim.

Brendan had not been in the ocean for many months as he was in too much pain before his amputation and had to wait for it to heal afterward. I don't think he was even sure that he would still be able to swim. To see him glide into the water and swim with ease as the sky turned orange with the setting sun was overwhelming and extremely emotional. I felt a deep sense of peace and calm; an almost spiritual feeling watching him appear to effortlessly glide through the water... like I had seen him do so many times before. It was a moment I will never forget and from the look on his face when he reached us at the edge of the pool one he will never forget either.

It was a busy; wonderful week, filling in time as we wait to go down to hear what we hope will be really good news on Thursday.

For more information on Sarcoma Cancer follow this link: sarcoma

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