Friday, 5 June 2015

June 15; Thurs 4: Chemo Results ~ Round 4 coming up

Just as we were to be called into Brendan's 11 am doctors appointment yesterday, he got a phone call from the PET office to say he would have to go back and have another scan, as they had only done a half body scan instead of a full body. Fortunately he has a doctor who will fit him in as needed, if need be, so the two hour delay to see Dr Bhadri only affected the time we would get home that night, and add to the mild anxiety of waiting for results.

By 1 pm we were back sitting in the clinic, and as we were waiting Dr Bhadri came past to walk through the staff access to his rooms, saying he'd call us straight in. I got a feeling he wasn't going to give us the news he really, really wanted to give us.

"Well its good news and bad news." were the first things I remember Viv saying as we were welcomed into his room. I felt my joy slip a little because I wanted all good news. "The good news is that nothing new has turned up, so we know that your body responds well to chemotherapy." He said kindly looking at Brendan. That was such a relief to hear. "The bad news," he went on "is that there has been no reduction in size of the two sites that were already present or the nodule on the we will look at another round and a new drug." The new plan was set with Viv graciously allowing Brendan to nominate when he would like to start so we could work around the school holidays, and then we went on to have a conversation about how fit and healthy Brendan looked, the Tour de France and how we should bring the kids down one trip, as he has heard so much about them he would like to meet them both.

I know Dr Bhadri cannot wait to be able to tell Brendan that this cancer is gone, almost as much I think as we want to hear it, until then I hope he realises how much we appreciate him keeping Brendan well and on track until that is achieved.

For now treatment continues; the next round consists of 5 days in hospital followed by two weeks of rest and recoup, multiplied by three....and by then winter will be almost over, thankfully, as the cold today has chilled me to the bone, and we live in a mild climate...brrrr.

Happy long weekend everyone, be happy and be safe. If it's too cold to go outside... find your inner child and play indoors, read a good book or relax with your fave movie! Whatever you do make sure you have loads of fun doing it :) Cal x

PS: Again as I left Lifehouse yesterday (Bren was sitting in the car waiting) I had to walk over a beautiful floor rainbow at the front doors as I left....a very good sign I'd say :)

For more information on Sarcoma Cancer follow this link: sarcoma

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