Thursday, 11 June 2015

June 15, Thursday 11 .... Support

#teambrendanm: have shown us unwavering support.
I live in a beautiful little seaside village with my husband and our two children; four hours drive from where my husbands cancer treatment takes place. The treatment is at a purpose built cancer hospital, and at that hospital on any given day, we see scores and scores of people that are living a story similar to ours. It really is heart wrenching.

I find myself hoping that everyone going through a journey like ours are receiving the same amount of support that we have been blessed with, by our beautiful community. My heart sinks as I look around me in this city hospital, and feel this is probably not the case in larger areas.

Without a doubt our local community has my families back. This is not a one of thing where this small community is concerned; I watched and participated in this same level of support shown to another local family who faced their own cancer journey, not so very long ago. I just didn’t know at the time that it would be my family next.

So when a friend told me about a conversation that he had had recently, where he was asked if others would get the same level of support from the community that my husband and our family have had, my answer was absolute.

Yes! Without a doubt yes! I think they would. The support we have been shown comes from a community where we know each other. We know our neighbours, and we say hello to each other in the street or at the local shops, a lot of us know each others family and friends, or are friends of friends. We understand that a strong community is one that looks out for each other.

My husband and I have always known what a good choice it was; when we decided to make our home here. I am a life long local of the Manning Area, my husband moved here when he was seven, we know the heart of the people here match the beauty of our surroundings. We just never expected that we would be shown that heart in such a profound way.

So if I was given an opportunity to speak to the person who asked the question; and it is a reasonable question...I would say this, “yes, I do think this community would show their support to anyone needing it. I just hope with all of my heart that nobody I know; or anyone else for that matter ever has to find themselves in a position like ours, to find out. I promise you… this is not the side of the fence that you ever want to be sitting on.”

We thank goodness every day for the love and generosity, heart and spirit of the community that surrounds us.
Cal xx

PS: If you need support please reach out … you are sure to find that you are never alone.

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