Friday, 5 June 2015

Love, Support & Kindness

This week when we went into the clinic at LH and stood in line waiting to check Brendan in; the beautiful girl at reception, that we have seen many times before had already pulled his file up, "it's Brendan isn't it." she said looking up at him smiling. "You've got a great memory" was my surprised response and with that Bren followed her to be weighed; and then came back out and sat beside me.

A few minutes later she walked back over to us and said in her beautiful Indian accent; "you know why I remember you?" I asked why and she said with tears in her eye's “Because every time I see you two, wherever that is are always smiling. I say to my husband, we have a couple that come to the clinic and it doesn't seem to matter what hardships they face, they are always smiling. That's why I remember you." Of course this made Brendan and I both cry. We thanked her for her kindness and I told her it is because of all the beautiful people we have met along the way that we are able to do that. She smiled, said thank you and walked back to the desk.

It is because of the love, support and kindness we are shown.

At a time when there seems to be very little good news reported through the media, I find myself thinking if only everyone could see and experience the unconditional kindness and goodness of the people around them, that my family have had the privileged of experiencing...especially over the last 12 months. If only these were the stories that were told more often...reminding us that it is a magical world that we live in.

Our family, friends and the people, businesses and organisations in our local and extended community are all supporting Brendan, myself and our two beautiful children in inspirational ways (as you know if you have read other posts regarding our story we live among a community that truly goes over and beyond to support their own.) Each one of them a good news story unto themselves that I want the world to know about.

Then there is the man with the beautiful voice and the kind heart that I spoke with several times while Brendan was in hospital a while back, whose wife sat with him every day; both on a similar journey to ours. Or the kindness and kinship I felt when I ran into Mr & Mrs Maurer near the information desk downstairs at RPA, after first having to ask if they were from Taree, to make sure they were who I thought they were. The kindness they showed me within a brief conversation at a time I was missing home and the smiles that lit up their faces ...lifted my spirits more than they could possibly know.

And then of course there is Doctor Bhadri who I could talk about for days; along with Doctors Stalley and Yan, their support staff Kristin, Claire and Tanya, all of the girls and boys in Clinic Reception and those working on Day Therapy, and most of those on the medical teams that have watched over Brendan, who are just incredibly good people doing wonderful work...not to mention all of the gorgeous nurse we have met, most recently the girls and boys at Lifehouse on level 8, over the last round, many of whom have melodious Irish accents and bright and sunny outlooks that you cant help but enjoy.

Hundreds of people; all playing a part in Brendan's wellness and my sanity with unconditional goodness, kindness and of course those with an awesome dose of medical ability too, helping us to smile as often as we can, as we continue along cancer road, and doing a very good job of it too.

It is people and their pure generosity of spirit and kindness of heart that make the biggest difference in our lives. And for that we are so very grateful to you all.

For more information on Sarcoma Cancer follow this link: sarcoma

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