Sunday, 15 November 2015

Create an Abundant Life

As you may know already, my mission statement is: creating wellness mind, body and spirit...through positive action today! 

And this is why.....

When I received my first Reiki treatment many years ago, I knew it was something that I wanted to pursue. It was the most peaceful, relaxing hour that I had ever remembered experiencing. Although I felt like I was asleep, it was more a deep meditative state where I had become blissfully aware of every muscle, every cell and every breath I took.

And yes; I was attuned to this beautiful system of connection within weeks of that first experience. 

I didn’t become attuned to Reiki because I had a desire to heal others though, as admirable as that would have been. I originally did it for me; because of how good I felt after that first treatment, and because it was going to be far more cost effective if I could treat myself. Then I started to treat family and friends and found that they all enjoyed the deep relaxation and natural, gentle energy touch therapy as much as I did.

Nine months after my second attunement our twins were born; and they have never lived in a world without Reiki, even receiving this beautiful energy in utero. It is a practice I have always used to soothe and comfort them when unwell or upset. Now that they are connected themselves they self-treat if anxious or unwell, a great technique for them to use around exam times, sports carnivals, giving speeches ect... It is something they have also sometimes used on their Dad throughout his cancer treatment and recovery; giving them a tangible way of feeling like they are helping him. And they definitely are. The practice of Reiki really is for everyone.

Although I love helping others experience this beautiful expression of love in flow; by giving hands on treatments, I feel that empowering you with the ability to support your own health and wellness mind, body and spirit, by sharing with you the supported self-healing and relaxation techniques of Energy Therapy is more important.

I have found through experience that it is easier to help others when I am at the peak of wellness myself; whether that is helping my family or a client, and that the daily practice of connecting with my inner energy and wisdom helps me to achieve the balance required to maintain overall wellness. It makes sense to me that that would be the same for most of us.

I would dearly love to help you create an abundant life by helping you to enhance wellness; mind, body and spirit for yourself...through positive action today!

peace, love and light

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