Sunday, 22 November 2015

My Guru Me: Are you in the 72% ?

72 % of Australians have used Complementary therapies in the last 12 months! And 39% have visited complementary therapy practitioners in the last 12 months.
Source: Professor Kerryn Phillips, speaking at the Health Kit by Eat Fit Foods
curated from: Women's Health Magazine
were you one of them?
I know I was! I need my Energy Therapy fix every day; Reiki is my therapy of choice and I credit this practice for my sanity, peace of mind and for my ability to stand in my own power and use it - every day. It has also supported my well-being mind, body and spirit throughout my husband's cancer diagnosis and on-going treatment. It is a tool I relied on to support and comfort him and our two children throughout this trying time and will continue too.

Our children have never lived in a world without Reiki; as I became a practitioner before they were conceived, used it on them in utero and throughout their lives. I taught them the tools and techniques of practice when they were ten, and now they have the ability to use it independently. They do, often - they are twelve.

If you aren't in either the 72 or 39 percenters here...I highly recommend you give it ago. With such a broad range of therapies now available in our country...there really is something for everyone!

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