Welcome ...What started out as a blog about my Reiki practice and a way to share inspiration, kindness and self-empowerment, has evolved into something so much more than I could ever have imagined. I have ended up laying my life bare for all to share in the hope that it might help even just one other person.
I am a qualified Reiki Master, Teacher and Practitioner, who has studied the healing art and relaxation techniques of Reiki; an Energy Therapy for more than 13 years.  In more recent years I have taken a strong interest in life coaching, and how powerfully these two modalities compliment and support each other. Now using both within my Reiki Practice.

Through the non-invasive gentle touch of Reiki Energy Therapy used in combination with coaching techniques and support systems, we are able to help you release feelings of stress, anxiety and low energy levels, so that they can be replaced with happiness, peace and vitality.

As an associate member of the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists; membership no# 2508134185 I adhere by their strict code of practice.

It is my mission to help you become the most powerful, person in your life. Helping you to create an abundant life through enhancing wellness; mind, body and spirit...with positive action today!

If you are interested In Reiki as a practice or a Relaxation therapy you can contact me through this blog, which is available to you 24/7, we try to answer all inquiries within 24 hours.

Reiki, My Husband & Cancer
When Brendan was diagnosed with cancer, life took a dramatic turn for us. My Reiki Business Practice is taking a back seat as I focus on my family and supporting my husband as his carer (reiki has become a tool I heavily rely on to do this, as mentioned above) through his treatment and recovery. Our income has ceased to exist beyond government assistance for the time being and we are grateful to be living in a country where assistance is available. As life rolls on, bills still have to be met and food put on the table.

In June of this year Brendan was told he had a sarcoma, a malignant tumour in his right femur. If it wasn't removed in a timely fashion it would take his life. He has undergone 4 rigorous rounds of chemotherapy and has had probably 2/3 of the bone in his right leg removed and replaced with titanium. He has another 2 rounds of chemo to undergo at which point they will remove the two small cancerous nodules from his lungs. Then under Gods grace, his treatment will be complete and recovery will follow. We don't have a clear idea of how long that will take.

Although we were already a family living with cancer, as we don't know how long the tumour had been growing before the diagnosis; when it was confirmed, the news was without a doubt life shattering in that moment. We then both took a deep breath, picked up the pieces and got on with it.

I look forward to the day that our cancer journey is behind us, and when my husband and I can continue to share what we have learned through that journey with you, in the hope of helping you to enhance your own well-being and empower your life.

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3 commonly asked Questions about Reiki.

1. What do you do?
My Reiki Practice is a natural Relaxation Therapy Practice focusing on deep relaxation through a hands-on / clothes-on relaxation treatment, supporting & promoting your body's own natural healing abilities. Regular Reiki practice and or treatments can also be a wonderful tool to enhance spiritual transformation and a means for accomplishing physical, mental and emotional healing on all levels.

2. Is it an invasive practice?
My practice is based on a simple technique to induce deep relaxation to enhance the clients own natural healing abilities. I do not interfere with my clients personal energy vibration by magically removing or adding anything within a treatment. I simply help them to reset their own self-healing mechanism through helping them to achieve a deeper state of relaxation, the optimum condition for the body to heal through a gentle touch, natural therapy.
I am not a medical practitioner and do not prescribe medication of any kind. I recommend only that natural therapy be used wherever possible to support illness, healing and over-all wellness. It is very important to do so in conjunction with advice from your general medical practitioner, where needed.

3. Why do I call it Reiki?
I call my treatments Reiki treatments because I identify with, and am linked to the Usui/Hayashi/Takata Reiki lineage, through both the Usui Shiki Ryoho System & Chikara-Reiki-Do Systems of Reiki, that I am connected to. The first System being considered more traditional by today's western standards, the second far more progressive and possibly more similar in practice, if not attunement, to Usui's original method of teaching.

Reiki is the name Dr Usui gave to the energy that he learnt how to manipulate and focus with intent to bring about healing to the mind, body and soul. He then created a system and formalised a method of teaching that system to, or sharing it with others. I believe this is the energy we all possess and are made of therefore as your reiki teacher it is not the energy that I give to you, you all ready have it. What I do is share with you the tools, tips, methods and systems of Reiki Practice; to help you activate, connect to and strengthen that energy...so that you can then enhance your own well-being on a daily basis.

As a practitioner I will enhance that energy for you on your behalf, by connecting you with it through the hands on or distance techniques that I have learned through years of study & practice.

3. Do you practice daily Reiki Self treatments.
Absolutely! Yes I do. There is no better way to understand this amazing natural therapy than by experiencing it daily through self treatment.

 Reiki is for You! 8 amazing reasons why you should try it...

  • It builds inner strength.
  • It strengthens the mind, body  & spirit connection.
  • It encourages you to slow down.
  • It brings you back to Now.
  • It induces a deep sense of relaxation, the bodies optimum condition to self-heal.
  • It helps to clear your mind
  • It promotes feelings of Happiness & Calmness
  • It promotes better sleep"At it's most simple, reiki is a technique that quickly induces the relaxation response, a state that promotes healing and well-being. At it's most profound, Reiki is a tool for spiritual transformation and a means for accomplishing physical, m
May you always have a peaceful heart :)


I do not speak on behalf of any other entity in anything written on this blog.
Absolutely everything I post is written from my personal, unique view of the world. My perspective. Whether you  agree or disagree with me, at the very least I hope you enjoy the stories and like minded or alternative ideas shared here.

NB: We share many images on CallieMM, some are our own and others we have curated from public domain because they speak to what we have written about. If we have inadvertently used your image without permission please contact us and we will promptly remove or credit your work. We absolutely wish to respect your rights and preference. Thank you.

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