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Our Angel Oracle Card Readings provide gentle, loving guidance from the angelic realm. I do not predict your future with my readings or tell your fortune. I simply share wisdom's and guidance with you through oracle cards. Helping to empower you with a simple way to validate what you already know to be true through your own inner-wisdom. You are the only true power in your life, all you need to know is within.

Receive heavenly angel whispers from your joyous cheer squad, from those who watch over you constantly and unconditionally, encouraging you along life's path with confidence and purpose.

Please Remember:
  • Each card spread is read individually and the reading will be emailed to the email address you supply.
  • You may ask a question on a situation that you would like some guidance around, however it is not unusual for the cards to show you guidance in regard to a question you may not have the courage to ask, instead!
  • You always have freewill choices about all areas of your life. You can change the outcome of any situation you maybe shown through an Oracle card reading, through prayer, positive affirmation, visualisation and taking guided action.
  • These cards are not predicting your future, they are sharing with you guided, divine wisdom, that if followed may help to bring about certain outcomes.
  • Our Oracle Angel Card Readings are prepared for your entertainment. Callie is a Reiki Master/Teacher & Practitioner and a Certified Angel Card Reader (TM), she is not a medical practitioner. It is recommended that you seek assistance from a licensed health care professional before making any life changing decisions or if you are seeking advice on physical or physcological ailments.
  • Our Readings are NOT computer generated, please allow a suitable amount of time for your reading to be prepared. We will contact you on receiving your request, via the email address you supply. 

3 Card Spread Angel Card Reading: $15
a general guidance spread sharing messages of wisdom and unconditional love to help you along lifes path.
What is a 3 card reading? 
  • Card 1: represents a situation 
  • Card 2: represents action to take
  • Card 3: represents the possible outcome.

What you receive:
An individually read 3 Card Spread Reading, messages of loving oracle guidance, read by a Certified Angel Card Reader (TM) via email.

Angel Tarot Reading: $25
What is a Tarot Reading? A 10 card spread, with each card focusing on an aspect of the situation in question:
  • Card 1: represents the situation
  • Card 2: represents the current challenge affecting the issue.
  • Card 3: represents the basis of the situation
  • Card 4: represents the past as it pertains to the situation
  • Card 5: represents the present.
  • Card 6: represents the near future.
  • Card 7: represents your power in the situation.
  • Card 8: represents the effects of the people around you
  • Card 9: represents your hopes and fears.
  • Card 10: represents the possible outcome.

What you receive:
An individually read Angel Tarot Reading,  messages of loving oracle guidance, read by a Certified Angel Card Reader (TM) via email.

Sacred Heart Angel Card Reading: $25
Enjoy a beautiful hearts & romance angel card reading, for gentle loving guidance from the angelic realm.
What is the Hearts and Romance Spread? A 12 card spread, with each card focusing on an apect of the situation in question:
  • Card 1: the key issue regarding this connection
  • Card 2: where the connection is strong
  • Card 3: where the connection is challenged
  • Card 4: your hopes for this connection
  • Card 5: your true feelings regarding the connection
  • Card 6: how you may adversely effect this situation
  • Card 7: how you may help this connection
  • Card 8: the other persons hopes for this connection
  • Card 9: the other persons feelings regarding this connection
  • Card 10: how the other person adversely affects this connection
  • Card 11: how the other person can help this connection
  • Card 12: the likely future of this connection

What you receive:
An individually read Hearts & Romance Angel Card Reading, a message of loving guidance, read by a Certified Angel Card Reader (TM) via email.

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As an Associate Member of The International Institute of Complimentary Therapists, (IICTmembership no# 2508134185 I adhere to their Code of Ethics and standards of practice.
Carolyn Maddalena-Maloney
Reiki Practitioner
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