Noun:A solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to your God or object of worship.
welcome to our prayer page, some are mine and some have been respectfully adapted and personalised from favourite prayers shared by other spiritual authors such as Doreen Virtue, please feel free to personalise and reuse any that feel appropriate to a situation you may be experiencing.

All can be said as prayer or spoken as affirmation depending on your personal belief system

 Brendan's Prayer II

Dear God and Archangel Raziel
I ask that you help manifest complete wellness within Brendan, mind body and spirit. Through his journey to wellness I ask that you help him manifest his true life purpose into action, allowing him to pursue it and prosper in every aspect of love and life.
and so it is...

Brendan's Prayer I 
[adapted from Jack's prayer with love]

Dearest God Archangel Michael and your Band of Mercy, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Metatron
Thank you for overseeing every aspect of Brendan’s treatment and recovery. Please protect him completely and guide Brendan & the wonderful physicians & healthcare professionals who surround him to clearly take each step needed to enhance Brendans health and well-being. Please surround Brendan with loving, gentle and supportive people and situations.
Thank you for helping with Brendans treatment as he takes his next step toward recovery, and for supporting Callie, Tyra & Baden along with Brendan's extended Family and friends, who all lovingly watch over him with you.

A prayer for Healing

Dear God, Archangel Michael and your Band of Mercy, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Metatron 
Please embrace My family and friends within your loving heart and help us to receive your healing love and light on every level, mind, body and spirit.
Please help each of us to accept the healing that we need, while releasing all fear and negativity that we have placed around this situation, to you. Let us understand that when we do this the situation will be returned to us healed, for the highest good of all concerned, under grace and in a perfect way.
And so it is...

A Healing Prayer: 
Dear God and Archangel Raphael,

I ask that you surround me now with your loving healing energy. I ask that I now enjoy complete physical health and that I am freed from the illusion of sickness and disease.

Please assist my body to act according to Divine Plan.
I ask that I now enjoy complete wellness mind, body and spirit.
Thank you
~ adapted from Archangel Raphael's book of healing miracles by Doreen Virtue

A Healing Prayer for Grief

Dear Archangel Raphael
Please wrap your arms around me
and comfort my grieving heart.
Help me to move forward and replace all the feelings of
sadness and grief that I am holding on to,
with the loving memories of
fun and laughter
that we were blessed to have shared
with my beloved.

A Prayer for a Peaceful Situation

Dear God , Archangel Haniel and all who watch over us. I pray that you fill me and all those involved with your love,strength and grace. I ask that you help bring about positive change in this situation. I pray that all ego can be removed in the hope that it will bring about peace, harmony, serenity and the positive changes needed. I ask for help & guidance for all involved so that we can move forward with ease and grace. 

A Prayer for Better Health 

Dear God & Archangel Raphael,
Please help me to have faith in your ability to restore my health in miraculous ways. Please help me to relax and trust that right now I am a picture of divine good health. I now surrender my mind, body, and spirit to you and the healing angels,in the name of Divine healing. Amen

A Prayer for safe Travel or Training
Dear Archangels Michael & Raphael
I ask that you both stay with me/--- as travelling/training companions throughout this journey/ training session. Thank you for watching over me/--- and ensuring my/their safe passage,arrival & return. Thank you for assisting me/them throughout my/their journey/session in wonderful ways. Thank you for clearing the way for a safe, problem free, enjoyable and successful trip/ training session. Thank you.

A Prayer for Sleeping Soundly

Dear Archangels Michael & Raphael
Please surround me with your loving protection tonight. I pray that you will assist me in having a wonderful calm and sound night sleep, I am secure in the knowledge that you are both watching over me and removing any and all low energies that may attempted to come my way. Please help me to dismiss any fearful thought forms that my cause me distress or disturbance throughout my sleep, allowing me to feel only comfort and security. Thank you.

A Prayer for Help with Study

Dear Archangel Raphael,
I thank you for bringing a sense of peace and calm to me now,so that I feel completely relaxed, alert and at ease.
Dear Archangels Zadkiel & Uriel please help me to remember all of my study and class work clearly and with confidence. Please help to feel composed and focused and strengthen my ability to understand each exam question asked. I now think clearly and answer each question correctly. Thank you. 

Images Source through and gratefully shared from pinterest. If I have used an image of yours and you wish for it to be removed or credited; please do not hesitate to contact me so the oversight can be rectified.

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