Client testimonials for our Reiki Relax Sessions & Angel Card Readings

[all testimonials printed are done so with the client's permission] 

Reiki Relax 
Tamara - Hands On
Hi Cal, thank you so much for my Reiki healing on Friday. I was ready to let go of a major hurt in my life recently and through your support I was able to fall into a wonderful deep and healing meditation to be able to heal it and set it free. I have felt the closest to ME than ever since our healing session and know that I am open to see and receive the wonderful gifts when they are presented. Will catch up soon, love and light. T xx

Reiki Relax  
Amanda - Hands On
Hi Callie, i just wanted to say a massive thank you for introducing me to reiki therapy.... You made my experience so peaceful, and relaxing and i am still amazed at how you conduct this pure lovely energy through yourself to help others, I'm still blown away by it! You have an awesome gift and i will definately be back. You're a very very special person... ♥ xxxx
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Reiki Relax 
Brendan S - Hands On
I have had many CQR Reiki Relax sessions and obviously find them relaxing, I always go to sleep halfway through. Recommended.. (y)

Reiki Relax 
Jane - Hands On
Thanks for today cal ,I didn't know what to expect.but it was very relaxing ,the sensations in the areas we discussed was so spot on with what I need ,that is amazing,and your heat in your hands is still blowing me away.i will be recommending this to all thanks for a great morning ,this is your calling.xx

Angel Card 
Tam - Private Reading
Thanx for the recent 8 card reading....I love your explanation and the cards are so beautiful. The solar plexus chakra seems spot on!! xxx

Angel Card 
Jordon - Private Reading
Wow this is great, I've recently started talking to a friend again after sometime and she's just had a baby, maybe that has something to do with it.. Who knows.. And as for jumping card 2 weeks ago i got an offer to go on a course for work to learn a new job roll, start next week and go on my course the week after. Iv also had a few old friends from school get in contact with me last week to catch up.

Angel Card 

Teagan - Private Reading
Wow this is crazy!!! But I can definately relate to it all...
Ive still been working hard but definately doing more to relax on my days off etc and when i finish work nothing major just going out for dinners etc instead of thinking 'should go to bed early for work tomoz' 
An award could be interesting?...I earnt a bonus at work for the last few months, could be something to do with that.
Hmm the baby thing....haha, we have a plan! But it definitely wont be this year...sorry about that!

Angel Card
Tori - Private Reading
I find all this stuff so interesting
Really interesting about the teacher card and about the plants, I have been trying to grow sunflowers and this week one of them flowered with 3 more other ones about to flower 
Maybe the archangel Gabriel has something to do with the kids I have been working with at vacation care the past 4 weeks., I know there were two little girls I always had a special connection with, teaching them simple things like tying their shoelaces and learning to spell their names etc...No where near ready to have a kid of my own but dying to be an Aunty! Lol
Thanks heaps Aunty Cal loved it! Xx

Angel Card
Jane - Private Reading
I read your reading a few days ago but haven't had time to reply. I think it had touched me as this world always does. What you said has made me think about lots of things in life
thanks for your reading Hun.xx

Angel Cards
Sally - Private Reading
Thank you for the reading I am so proud of you following your dreams. Cal you are an amazing woman not to mention friend. Obstacles I now love that word thank you for my reading you know i love this, Sal xx

Angel Card
Susan - Private Reading
hey Cal ,that was awesome to read I always thought that it may have been more coincidence that some things happen after you think about it and so often I think it and it happens but again thought oh its just one of those things......and as for trusting my instincts I know I should run more with that for sure and intend too .....love reading what your cards said about me and I dont think Im that surprised really xx

Angel Card
Amanda- Private Reading
thank you so much for your reading... It was spot on with how I'm feeling & what's going on right now... I'll definitely invite AA Raphael on the trip!
Amanda -Weekly CQR Angel Messages
Hi Cal, I just wanted to let you know I really related to that angel card spread you put up today!! Some good messages in there...

Angel Card 
Alison - Private Reading
Hey Cal, you did a fabulous interpretation with this reading, you could not have described my journey any more succinctly. The reading has been like a life line for me that all will be ok or more than ok.
Thank you so much for the time you spent with this reading, it feels very special to me.
Love Ali

Angel Card
Andrew - Private Reading
you have no idea how close to the bone that was. It's definitely something to think about, a big Thanks! 

Debbie - Private Reading
I thought it was amazing. The jump card stated what I always say about thoughts of lack & limitation & to be careful. I also thought the first part that deals with things with humour was so spot on thanks. You are very good at this

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