Energy Therapy Sessions:
My Energy Therapy Sessions focus on the traditional and contemporary  techniques of Reiki Practice.

Reiki is a Japanese healing art and relaxation technique. It can be used to bring about a deeper sense of peace and relaxation to the client or self. Which is the optimum condition for the bodies own innate healing capabilities to kick in.
The practitioner or teacher does not give you the reiki energy; you already have that within, naturally. What he or she will do is become a conduit to connect you to that energy or teach you the technique required to connect yourself, empowering you with the ability to increase depleted energy stores and enhance well-being.

How to book your Energy Therapy Session with Callie:

Bookings can be made using the Booking Button in the right hand column of this page. Appointment confirmation is by email reply. Cancellations must be made and can be rescheduled up to 12 hours prior to appointment time by client or service provider. Reiki treatments should not interfere with medical care.

Phone : 0428 536702 
( business hours only ) 

*Inquiries outside of business hours may be made via email.

Business Hours are:

Monday to Friday: 11 am and 7 pm
Saturday: 11am to 2 pm

My home based treatment room is currently located at Old Bar NSW, off site sessions can be arranged at the beach or the beach side park, weather permitting.

My Services
  1. Hands on Energy Therapy Sessions; using Reiki techniques (at my home based treatment room)
  2. Off site Sessions ( at the Park or Beach)
  3. Distant Blu Rose Energy Therapy Sessions; using Reiki Techniques
  4. Earthing Walks
  5. Blu Rose Reiki ConnecWorkshops
I do not have credit card facilities at my treatment room or off site sessions. If you wish to pay via Credit Card, we accept paypal online payments. Simply Make your booking and we will send you through a paypal invoice to be paid prior to your Session. Your booking will be confirmed when we receive your payment notification when choosing this payment method.We also accept cash payments. 

Blu Rose Energy Therapy  Earthing Walks: Group Sessions $10
relaxation; mindfulness, self-awareness, balance and clarity

Earthing walks are scheduled group sessions; weather permitting and include a 7 chakra balancing meditation. This session is a wonderful, social way to meet up with like minded people and reconnect with the earth, self and each other. Or in more simple terms a brisk barefoot walk on the beach with friends, sprinkled with a little reiki energy and casual meditation, with the focus on mindfulness. Please contact me for upcoming earthing events.

60 Minute Energy Therapy Session  $79                                                                                                              
Relaxation; self-awareness, balance...using Reiki techniques

1 hour of Blissful, full body, deep, restorative Energy Therapy Relaxation using Reiki techniques. The benefits of a 1 hour session of natural energy therapy session are many, from bringing about a deep, meditative relaxation, which is the optimum condition for your body's innate healing abilities to kick in, it can also aid and support all other healing modalities; natural, complementary and conventional. 
Regular reiki sessions may also help you to achieve a deeper sense of spiritual and self awareness.[a one hour Reik relaxation treatment can have the equivalent restorative benefits of three hours sleep]
What you will receive:
  • full body, deep relaxation Energy Therapy Session including all 12 traditional Reiki hand positions.
  • 7 chakra cleanse & balancing.

As an Associate Member of The International Institute of Complimentary Therapists, (IICT) membership no# 2508134185 I adhere to their Code of Ethics and standards of practice.
Carolyn Maddalena-Maloney
Reiki Practitioner: 
ABN: 27 798 609 932 

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