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Our Wisdom Corner is made up of wise words not only passed on to me through those watching over us from above, but also from the women in my life that have shared their favourite wisdoms with us here. Some are very well known quotes others not so...some are serious and some are for fun - all are wise, and have been shared because they mean something to the sharer :)
Enjoy and feel free to share with us any wisdoms that you would like to pass on xx

Solomon: To achieve spiritual growth on the earthly plane you need to find resolution to conflict in an earthly way. 

Callie: Sleep on it - never go to sleep angry - maintain a kind and peaceful heart -Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud.~ Maya Angelou - Life's good and hope is limitless - This too shall pass - don't be afraid to colour outside the lines - friends are the family you choose for yourself

Angel Whispers: Your spirits can be lifted, your soul rejuvenated and your energy replenished by “BEing” there.

DollyBuild on the rock and not upon the sand

Angel Whispers: Nobody on Earth; no matter how enlightened, knows you better then you know yourself. You are the power and the grace that you have been searching for.

Sue: HEALTH is better than WEALTH!

Angel Whispers: Allow the Power and beauty of “The Ocean” and her magnificence to wash your cares away, often.

Solomon: Your spiritual relationships with others will never waiver; you made agreements long ago to the earthly hardships you might find with those around you, before you had ever met them here on earth. Finding agreeable solutions are necessary in moving forward toward peace and a balancing of karma. 
Learn this lesson well.

Katie: Know your worth - Being kind is more important than being right - Twin babies are not easier than 1 baby to look after ; they don't look after each other and keep each other amused! :) - Everything you want is on the other side of fear - Chocolate is the answer.. who cares what the question is!

Marie: Ok, when trying to solve a very big problem and you're getting nowhere...Ask to speak to spider not the web! - Harden not thy heart ( mum says this when I'm cranky with someone and cant see their side and if softens my heart every time) - Don't tell me what you can't do, tell me what you can do! And how can you not take advice from pooh bear ??? How do you spell love?You don't spell it , you feel it!

Tracey: Good things come to those who wait

Angel Whispers: Celebrate your human differences with unconditional love and kindness, knowing that it is perfectly perfect for all to be exactly who they are!

Solomon: Letting go of your fears and worries are essential. You can not orchestrate a better outcome to any situation than the one we will willingly guide you toward, if you have faith in us and in yourself. 

Lynnie: You are enough - You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem - What would Love do now?

Angel Whispers: Open your heart and willingness to see others as they are and not as you would like them to be.

Ali: Never stop looking for what's not there

Angel Whispers: Imagine how boring life would be if everyone was the same!

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